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District Internationally Accredited by AdvancED / NCA Blue Ribbon Exemplary Schools

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Technical Information


Line sets including one electric screen and three acoustical clouds.                                    



Crest Audio 32 Channel Mixing Console

Mackie PRO 14-Channel Utility Mixer (located in stage rack)

Biamp AudiaFLEX

Burnit CD Recorder/Player

Crown xs900 Amp (2)

DBX Dual Compressor/Limiter

TC Electronics Audio Effects Processor

DBX dual Octave Graphic Equalizer

Marantz CD Recorder/Player

Marantz CD Player

Renkus-Heinz Center Loudspeaker

Renkus-Heinz Left/Right Loudspeakers (2)

Aura Sound Stage Lip Loudspeakers (110)

Renkus-Heinz Stage Monitor (2)

Renkus-Heinz Stage Monitor/Effects Speakers (2)

Telex 2 Channel Intercom Main Station

Telex 2 Channel Intercom Remote Station

Telex Beltpack (6)

Telex Head Set (8)

Listentech Hearing Assistance Reciever and Headsets (30)

13 Channels Shure ULXS Wireless (2) Lapel (2) Handheld
13 DPA 8077F Cardioid Headsets

Shure SM57 LC Mic (4)

Shure SM58 LC Mic (4)

Crown PCC 160 Mic (3)

Audio Technica AT853RX Mic (6)

Sony MDR 7502 Headphone (2)

ProCo DB1 Passive Direct Boxes (2)

AKG Tripod-Base Mic Stands (4)

AKG Collapsible Tripod Base Microphone Stand/Boom (4)

Atlas Sound Desk Stands (2)



Christie DHD775E 7,000 lumen HD projector

Extron DA 6V Dual Video DA

Screen (Electric) 20' x 16'
Sony EVI-H100S 1080P HD PTZ camera located above booth
Mac mini with blackmagic ultrastudio express for capture of events
1 42" led tv located in lobby with digital signage
2 50" led tv's located in dressing room



1-strand lighting console
24-Fresnel spot fixtures

24-Par spot fixtures

24-Cyc fixtures

36-Strand source four fixtures

2 Altman "Comet" Follow Spots (located on upper mezz)

1 Follow Spot (located in booth)