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Pesticide Info


As a part of the Edwardsburg Public School district's pest management program, pesticides are occasionally applied. You have a right to be notified prior to any pesticide application. Interior applications are done on the fourth Tuesday of the month in all student attendance buildings. Generally speaking, pesticide application consists of glue boards with pesticide on the glue that is checked monthly and replaced as necessary. The interior pesticide application generally does not include any interior spraying and only occurs in classrooms on an as need basis. It is generally confined to the kitchen area, bathrooms and other areas where food may be present. In certain emergencies, pesticides may be applied without prior notice however if you request notification, it will be provided after the fact. These applications will be done after school hours. Exterior applications of fertilizer and weed control are scheduled during non-instructional hours. Please keep this notice for reference of the interior/exterior pesticide application prior notification. For notification of pesticide treatment done outside the regularly scheduled treatment days please complete the form below and return it to:
Chris Neff
Edwardsburg Public Schools
69410 Section Street, Edwardsburg, MI 49112
Any questions may be directed to 269-663-3055.