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EPS 2022 Bond Proposal » FAQ - Bond Scope & Schedule

FAQ - Bond Scope & Schedule

Edwardsburg Public Schools is committed to a process for ongoing evaluation and monitoring of all school facilities. Continually evaluating and monitoring school facilities helps to protect the community’s investment in its schools.

During the early fall of 2021, working with construction, technology, and architectural specialists, the school district completed an in-depth facility study. The study identified districtwide facility needs and has helped inform the proposed direction of the bond proposal. If interested, the study is available on the district's website at: https://www.edwardsburgpublicschools.org/


Also in the early fall of 2021, conversations with staff, students, community members and the Board of Education identified additional thoughts for advancing the facility offerings as they relate to the educational needs and goals of the district. Many of the items that were shared were beyond the maintenance and upkeep needs identified in the facility study and were focused on projects that help support educational programming needs.


As ideas and scenarios were studied for a potential bond proposal, additional input from the broader community was obtained through a professional survey in March of 2022 that tested out potential scope ideas for a bond proposal along with gaining feedback on the financial impact of a prospective bond.

Safety and Security – the safety and security of our students and staff is the highest priority. Peace of mind in the classroom allows for a more comfortable learning experience. Projects included in the bond include greater control at our building entries. The redesign of our site drop off and pick up areas will focus on better traffic flow with a focus on creating separation of parents, buses and pedestrians.


Exceptional Educational Environments – as educational trends continue to change and evolve, our facilities need to be flexible and relevant to the ways that best support best practices in teaching and learning. State of the art educational environments that are comfortable will help our students to be prepared for careers of the future.


Energy Efficiency / Operational Costs-Upgrades to our boilers, building controls and mechanical systems will seek to provide greater energy efficiency that will reduce energy consumption. As we look at replacing significant amounts of our building roofs, additional insulation will be added to comply with current energy codes that will provide a higher performing building exterior. Energy savings allow the district to divert funding from operational costs toward items that will directly affect education.

With the potential construction of the new K-3rd grade building, the current Primary School would be demolished to provide additional site area available for future uses on our campus.


The future of the Eagle Lake property is unknown, but the district will be actively pursuing the potential sale of the property. Any proceeds from a potential sale would be deposited into the general fund to support additional educational endeavors of the district.

Upon a successful election, many stakeholders including staff, students and parents will be engaged to further define and develop the designs of the proposed projects. We also plan to host a community forum and receive input from the community to help shape the potential designs.

A preliminary draft of the implementation of the bond projects could look as follows. This schedule is subject to change as market conditions evolve and further review of the highest priorities of the district are finalized.


New K-3rd Building


Programming & Design: Fall 2022-Fall 2023


Bidding/Award/Contracts: Fall 2023-Late 2023


Pre-Construction & Procurement: Early 2024-Spring 2024

Construction Start: Spring 2024

Construction Finish: Early Summer 2026

Occupancy: Fall 2026

Edwardsburg High School


Programming & Design: Late 2023…Fall 2024


Bidding/Award/Contracts: Fall 2024…Late 2024


Pre-Construction & Procurement: Early 2025…Spring 2025


Construction Start: Spring 2025


Construction Finish: Fall 2026


Edwardsburg Middle School / Intermediate School


Programming & Design: Fall 2024-Late Spring 2025


Bidding/Award/Contracts: Summer 2025


Pre-Construction & Procurement: Late Summer 2025


Construction Start: Fall 2025


Construction Finish: Fall 2026

The amount of work being proposed in the bond proposal is significant. As such, our Construction Management partners believe it to be the best practice to stagger the implementation of the projects. This will allow for greater contractor participation and will not overstress the construction market that currently is struggling with labor availability. Greater participation of bidders means greater competition and hopefully better bid results that will benefit the school district.